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Rouge of Gor

Rouge of Gor
Title: Rouge of Gor
: 2.2 of 5, readers votes - 6
Serie:Chronicles of Counter Earth
Genre: heroic
Annotation:Jason Marshall learned the meaning of manhood and the power of women, both dominant and submissive, when he was kidnapped from Earth to the Counter-Earth called Gor. Winning his freedom, jason set out single-handed to win his own place onthat gloriously barbaric world won the other side of the sun. His intent was to find the girl whohad been enslaved with him. But that quest thrust him smack in the middle of the war that raged between Imperial Air and the Salerian Confederation and the secret schemes of hte pirate armada that sought control of the mighty trading artery of the fighting cities.
Table of Contents:

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  1. John Norman Rouge of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth-15)
  2. I. I Seek the Whereabouts of a Slave; I Spend an Evening in the Belled Collar
  3. 2. The Victory Camp
  4. 3. The Food Tent
  5. 4. The City of Lara; I Renew An Acquaintance
  6. 5. I Continue My Search for Miss Beverly Henderson
  7. 6. I Hear of the Markets of Victoria; I will Travel There
  8. 7. I Arrive in Victoria; I Hear of the Sales Barn of Lysander
  9. 8. I Have a Close Call in the Tavern of Tasdron; I Hurry to the Sales Barn of Lysander
  10. 9. What Occurred at the Sales Barn of Lysander
  11. 10. We Leave the Sales Barn of Lysander; Miss Henderson Will Share my Lodgings
  12. 11. Peggy
  13. 12. I Become Irritated with my Kept Woman I Kennel Her
  14. 13. The Topaz
  15. 14. Lola
  16. 15. The House Has Been Ransacked; Miss Henderson Has Been Bound as a Slave I Do Not Abuse Her
  17. 16. Lola Has Not Greeted Me as I Return Home I Hurry to the Wharves
  18. 17. I Ponder the Contentment of a Slave
  19. 18. I Make the Acquaintance of Guardsman from Port Cos; I Do Not Take Action Against Miss Henderson. She is a Free Woman
  20. 19. Glyco, of Port Cos I Obtain a Silver Tarsk He Seeks Callimachus
  21. 20. The Tavern of Hibron; I Return Home Alone
  22. 21. I Hear the Ringing of an Alarm Bar; I am Not Accompanied to the Wharves
  23. 22. What Occurred at the Wharves; What Occurred in the vicinity of the Tavern of Tasdron
  24. 23. I am Made Welcome in the Holding ofPolicrates; Kliomenes Makes Test of Me; I Select a Girl for my Nights Pleasure
  25. 24. What Occurred in my Chambers. When Miss Henderson Thought me to be the Courier of Ragnar Voskjard
  26. 25. In the Tavern of Tasdron Men Meet in Secret
  27. 26. Florence; Miles of Vonda
  28. 27. What Occurred on The Wharves, Shortly Before Midnight
  29. 28. Two Captains Come to the Tavern of Tasdron; We Prevent Bloodshed
  30. 29. The Sea Gate: I am Again Within the Holdings of Policrates:
  31. 30. I Am Interrogated in the Hall of Policrates; A Girl it to be Whipped I am Taken to the Chamber of the Windlass
  32. 31. The Chamber of the Windlass I Begin to Put my Plan into Effect
  33. 32. My Plan is Successful; I Take My Leave from the Holding of Policrates
  34. 33. Battle Horns

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