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Conrad Peter. The Hitchcock Murders. London, 2000.

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Hurley NeilP. Soul in Suspense. London, 1993.

Jacobs Steven. The Wrong House The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock. Rotterdam, 2007.

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Mogg Ken. The Alfred Hitchcock Story. London, 1999.

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Morris ChristopherD. The Hanging Figure. Westport, 2002.

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OConnell Patricia Hitchcock and Bouzereau Laurent. Alma Hitchcock. New York, 2003.

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Paglia Camille. The Birds. London, 1998.

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Pomerance Murray. An Eye for Hitchcock. London, 2004.

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Youngkin Stephen D. The Lost One. Lexington, 2005.

Zizek Slavoj. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lacan. (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock). London, 1992.

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