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Equipment List

The following is a list of all of the items that I carried during the journey, exclusive of food.

Sleeping Equipment

one person tent Sierra Designs Divine Light Tent with stuff sack

sleeping bag Feathered Friends Snow Bunting GorTex with compression stuff sack

sleeping mat Thermarest with stuff sack


Teva sandals

hiking shoes Nike Lava Dome Jr.

riding gloves with long fingers and covered back to protect my hands from the sun

socks (2 pair)

long pants (1 pair)

long sleeve cycling shirt -lightweight

cycling shorts (1 pair)

expedition weight long underwear zip turtleneck shirt

medium weight long underwear bottoms

pile jacket 300 weight Polorguard

GorTex jacket Marmot Alpinist jacket

rain pants REI GorTex cycling pants

pile hat with earflaps

baseball hat to protect my face from the sun


cotton surgical mask to reduce the amount of road dust that I would inhale every day, commonly used in Tibet to help fight off bronchitis

stuff sack 1 for clothes, 1 for food

winter gloves GorTex ski type gloves

balaclava light weight

small towel

Cooking Equipment

metal spoon

cooking stove MSR XKG II stove with stove cleaning kit and nylon bag (I acquired this item halfway through the trip from the American Jay)

fuel bottle filled with kerosene fuel

cook pot large metal Chinese mug with lid, 1 liter size

water bottles 2 liter Nagel plastic bottles, 1 with nylon carrying bag

plastic soda bottle 1.5 liter size (only on second half of trip)

bicycle water bottles 2 large size water bottles

water filter Katadyn water filter with old toothbrush to clean water filter

Miscellaneous Equipment

flashlight Maglight with extra light bulb and two AA batteries

mini Bic lighter

candles (2) used for starting cook fires



small hand mirror 2 inches across


toilet paper


Chapstick with sunblock

sunblock cream SPF 25


sunglasses glacier glasses


writing pen (2)

Chinese/English Dictionary-Phrase book

zip lock bags (4) heavy duty freezer bags

local postcards with Chinese stamps already affixed

reading book Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

short-wave radio with two AA batteries

mini tripod for camera 3 inches long

camera Olympus Stylus Zoom, 35-70 mm zoom with extra battery

film 8 rolls

fishing hooks (3)

fishing line 60 feet [30 meters]

two extra AA batteries

Important Documents and Papers


credit card

US dollars $300

AMEX Travelers checks US$2000

airplane ticket

money belt

photocopy of airplane ticket

photocopy of passport and traveler check numbers (5) one copy in each of my different packs

maps ONC maps for Yunnan, Tibet and Pakistan, Chinese Government map of Xizang Province (Tibet), map of China,

notes from collected research 2 pages

First Aid Kit

elastic hair tie (3)

heavy sewing thread

sewing needle (3)

folding scissors

aluminum foil

safety pins (3)

adhesive tape

drug usage information sheet

Diamox drug for high altitude

Imodium drug for diarrhea

Trimethoprim-sulfa D.S. (Septra) weaker antibiotic

Ciprofloxicin (Cipro) stronger antibiotic

antibiotic cream 4 small packs

bandages (6)

alcohol swab (3)

tinidazole 4 grams drug for giardia two doses

sterile pad (3)

mole skin

iodine swab (2)

Bicycle Equipment

bike computer Avocet cyclometer with altimeter

bicycle tire pump mini Zefal Mt. Bike pump

extra bicycle tire acquired in Lhasa

small piece of inner tube tire rubber

bicycle tube patch kit (2)

extra spokes for back wheel and front wheel

hacksaw blade 3 inch piece for cutting bolts and other pieces of metal

climbing webbing 2 pieces 10 feet [3 meters] long to tie all of the items on the rear rack of the bike

bicycle brakes extra set for front and back

ball bearings for headset and pedals

lubricant TriFlow and motor oil

metal wire 20 feet [7 meters]

metal U clamps for front and back racks in case the frame mounts broke

freewheel removable tool



Loctite for gluing nuts and bolts in place

allen keys 4 sizes

pipe clamps (4)

extra derailer cable and extra brake cable

bolts for front and back rack (6)

chain links (5)

spare bicycle tube (2)

crank arm extractor tool small inset washer type

washers (10)

cool tool multi-purpose bicycle tool, crescent wrench, chain tool, spoke wrench etc.

duct tape

strapping tape

large Mountain Smith bag for tools

canvas pedal covers these homemade covers helped keep my feet dry and warm

SOG tool multi-purpose tool, pliers, knife, metal file, can-opener etc.

front panniers mid size from Overland Expeditions

rear panniers trans-ams from Madden

fanny pack Mountain Smith Lumbar pack

lower rider front bicycle rack

rear bicycle rack Blackburn Expedition Rear Rack

mountain bike Fisher Hookookoo, steel frame bike in case I needed to have parts welded on the spot

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