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On your mark, get set I turned to look at the crowd in my parents living room. All the family, my favorite uncle, Walt, Miles, Lilla and Adele, freaking Fabio, andJagger. Not to mention the star of the day, Goldie. I touched his shoulder as he stood with his back to the crowd. Go!

Goldie, the one with the new nose, turned around.

The room let out a collective Wow!

I threw my arms around him. You look fantastic! Sometimes one had to lie to their friends in order not to hurt their feelings.

Goldies damn nose looked pretty much the same to me.


If I stood a bit closer, which I did, I noted the slight bump he used to have was gone. Okay, Id give him that. But there was no drastic change-which gave me a comforting feeling.

The old Goldie really was perfect, and despite all his faults-and there were plenty-criminal Neal must have known and decided not to disfigure Goldie in any way.

Id thank Neal for that, but not the fact that he tried to kill me and all the other stuff thatd happened, however. No way was I going to visit him in jail.

Hey. I felt a set of arms wrap around me and knew instantly whom they belonged to.

Jagger, I murmured.

Why the shiver? Cold?

In my mothers house?

Jagger chuckled against me. Ah.

Youre right, Sherlock. This place is always so warm and cozy.

I couldnt tell him that Id momentarily relived the boat incident and my near-imminent death with Neal so I said, Goldie looks great. Doesnt he?

Jagger turned me to face him and stood silent.

Dont ever tell him, I whispered. Please.

He nodded then leaned forward. When his lips touched mine, I, of course, melted. Suddenly, while still feeling his touch, tasting his deliciousness, and momentarily losing my mind, I found my arms around his head, found my hands running through his hair. And found myself leaning in.


A tingling started in my fingers and spread, ever so slowly, so sensually, down my arms that I actually let go. Damn, but this guy had some effect on me.

He stepped back.

Shit. Why did my extremities have to be so taken with the enigmatic guy too? Seems when Jagger came near, every part of my body felt him.

I spoke to the Newport cops today, he said. Lydia has been placed in foster care since shes only seventeen.

I winced.

Foster care in Newport, Sherlock. How bad could it be?

I smiled. And school?

Shes registered for Yale in the fall.

I smiled again. Im so glad.

Oh, in all the celebration of Goldies nose revealing, I almost forgot. Here. He took an envelope from his pocket and handed it to me. Ill get us a drink. With that he walked away.

I opened the envelope to see the biggest payment that Id ever received in this job. While my jaw dropped, I pulled out a Jagger handwritten note that said, Case number six. Practice your driving skills, Sherlock. Well talk in the morning-at our spot.

Our spot.

Those two words had me so shaken, in a good way, that I could barely think about the next case. Practice your driving skills?

OhmyGod again.

Coming from delicious Jagger, who the hell knew what that meant?

Twenty-Four | Nip, Tuck, Dead | Acknowledgments