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The Dark Gods

Phrobus Orfro

Called Father of Evil and Lord of Deceit, Phrobus is the seventh child of Orr and Kontifrio, which explains why seven is considered the unlucky number in Norfressa. No one recalls his original name; Phrobus (Truth Bender) was given to him by Tomanak when he cast Phrobus down for his treacherous attempt to wrest rulership from Orr. Following that defeat, Phrobus turned openly to the Dark and became, in fact, the opening wedge by which evil first entered Orfressa. He is the most powerful of the gods of Light or Dark after Tomanak, and the hatred between him and Tomanak is unthinkably bitter, but Phrobus fears his brother worse than death itself. His symbol is a flame-eyed skull.


Called The Twisted One, Queen of Hell, and Mother of Madness, Shigu is the wife of Phrobus. No one knows exactly where she came from, but most believe she was, in fact, a powerful demoness raised to godhood by Phrobus when he sought a mate to breed up his own pantheon to oppose that of his father. Her power is deep but subtle, her cruelty and malice are bottomless, and her favored weapon is madness. She is even more hated, loathed, and feared by mortals than Phrobus, and her worship is punishable by death in all Norfressan realms. Her symbol is a flaming spider.

Carnadosa Phrofressa

The Lady of Wizardry is the fifth child of Phrobus and Shigu. She has become the goddess of black wizardry, but she herself might he considered totally amoral rather than evil for evils sake. She enshrines the concept of power sought by any means and at any cost to others. Her symbol is a wizards wand.

Fiendark Phrofro

The first-born child of Phrobus and Shigu, Fiendark is known as Lord of the Furies. He is cast very much in his fathers image (though, fortunately, he is considerably less powerful) and all evil creatures owe him allegiance as Phrobuss deputy. Unlike Phrobus, who seeks always to pervert or conquer, however, Fiendark also delights in destruction for destructions sake. His symbols are a flaming sword or flame-shot cloud of smoke.

Krahana Phrofressa

The Lady of the Damned is the fourth child of Phrobus and Shigu and, in most ways, the most loathsome of them all. She is noted for her hideous beauty and holds dominion over the undead (which makes her Isvarias most hated foe) and rules the hells to which the souls of those who have sold themselves to evil spend eternity. Her symbol is a splintered coffin.

Krashnark Phrofro

The second son of Phrobus and Shigu, Krashnark is something of a disappointment to his parents. The most powerful of Phrobus children, Krashnark (known as Devil Master) is the god of devils and ambitious war. He is ruthless, merciless, and cruel, but personally courageous and possessed of a strong, personal code of honor, which makes him the only Dark God Tomanak actually respects. He is, unfortunately, loyal to his father, and his power and sense of honor have made him the enforcer of the Dark Gods. His symbol is a flaming stewards rod.

Sharna Phrofro

Called Demonspawn and Lord of the Scorpion, Sharna is Krashnarks younger, identical twin (a fact which pleases neither of them). Sharna is the god of demons and the patron of assassins, the personification of cunning and deception. He is substantially less powerful than Krashnark and a total coward, and the demons who owe him allegiance hate and fear Krashnarks more powerful devils almost as much as Sharna hates and fears his brother. His symbols are the giant scorpion (which serves as his mount) and a bleeding heart in a mailed fist.

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